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From A Steamline Luggage Campaign

From A Steamline Luggage Campaign

Depending on your perspective, commerce through email is either improving, or it is getting drastically more difficult.

Consumers are taking tighter control of their email, getting pickier about who they give their address to, and demanding more from what is sent to them. Heavy formatting, links, heavy calls-to-action - they can see through the ruse!

As an email marketer, this means the challenges of sending audiences emails they will open, consume, and ultimately buy from has become drastically more difficult. Time, attention, care - it’s as though audiences want respect!

My Philosophy: Story First, Sales Second

Coupons, links, and discount codes can go a long way to increase conversions to your email campaigns. However, there is an extensive path of trust brands must travel to get audiences to care about your product or the coupon that may entice them.

Story draws attention. Attention drives sales.

A Few (of many) Successful-As-Hell Campaigns

RE: You Forgot To Open This

More Than A Catchy Subject Line

Customers are getting smarter and expecting more from what brands send in their emails. Most customers will give you ONE, maybe two chances to wow them. Try to close the deal on the first date and they will send you to spam.

Involving them in your story, revealing your identity, giving them the idea that there are people behind your brand and making the thing they love. Audiences may not buy from every email, but if they are sold your story, they will buy big, from YOU, when the time comes.

“Try to close the deal on the first date and they will send you to spam.”

I work with clients to develop email campaigns for the long term. From refining automated content and serving post-sale needs to crafting content that engages your audiences and serves as an extension of your brand identity - email shouldn’t be an after thought. Think beyond the template and the daily send - what will your audience want to see that will turn them into your customers?

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