Managing the Feed

Managing the Feed

We apply some unusual words to social media.


Stream. Here's what's new in your stream. Through a stream, fresh water is continuously flowing by the same spot. You can never step in the same stream twice.


Feed. Your feed. Feed - the idea of nourishing. Feeds should nourish and fill you up.

There are good diets and bad diets. There are those who go on "social media detoxes" for weeks and months on end.


A detox isn't worth much if you're looking forward to the stiff drink at the end of it.


Twitter gets a bad rap. There are a lot of people (and not-people) out there using the platform to push around the kind of stuff that makes you angry and anxious. There is the "dark web" and the evil stuff that makes the nightly news.


Fortunately, you have to try to get to these places. There are plenty of people on the platform who are looking for some kind of relief.


Twitter can still nourish the creative side. It can still save you and save itself.


Follows vs. Lists:

Without argument, journalists are vital to the infrastructure of our society. They should receive attention. Many of them are exceptional in how they use Twitter to get valuable information out quickly. However, what they push out can deteriorate your day. I don't follow journalists; they don't wind up on my home feed. I do keep a list of them, however. It's a handy feature that puts them all in one place I have to intentionally open when I want to see what is up with the world.


Kill the Retweets

You're allowed to unfollow people who retweet stuff that pisses you off.


Unfollow the News

You get enough of it already. No need for it here.


Fall down the rabbit hole

Inversely, click through to the retweeted stuff you love. Find out who they follow, and who they follow, all the way back to the source.


Follow the source material

Following curators are a great way to discover new things. Following creators is a great way to support the stuff you love.


If it's not a place you like being, it's time to clean house.

Detoxing might work. However, when you come back, all the stuff is still there. It's like taking a vacation because your kitchen is a mess. Unless you're paying someone to clean it while you're gone, you will still have a mess when you get back. If the place isn't inspiring, clean house. Unfollow, block, prune the excess.


Blocking is necessary, but muting is effective.