Mad At Something?

Mad At Something?

Most people aren’t happy unless they are a little bit mad at something.

Look at any of your screens for further evidence of this.

Even when they don’t seem mad, our need to post about hot button issues means we’re all a little bit mad all the time.

The way people respond to posts on Facebook. Snarky videos uploaded to YouTube. Watching the 6 o’clock news. We get just as upset over bad traffic as we do over whatever a senator was quoted saying.

It used to be “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

Now we seem complacent in taking it as long as we have to, so long as we can be mad while taking it.

We’re mad as hell, but what can you do?

So we find little, inconsequential things to be mad at and direct our attention to them because we can feel a little better. Recklessly, the things we get mad at in public disperse to whatever audience winds up in our wake - everyone one of us is capable of ruining a lot of people’s days.

We all deal with everyone’s garbage opinions on whatever it is they are mad at.

Yesterday I wrote about how pointless it is to only publish for the sake of giving everyone something to press the “like” button on - an instinctual double-tap that goes nowhere.

Brands without ethics will get their users very upset over a very polarizing issue and use that energy to drive home a sale. After all, their product will solve every problem.

I’d like to think brands with ethics turns the energy of anger into something good and worthwhile. The momentum is there, now it’s just a matter of carrying through.

When you tell someone how mad you are, they get backed into a corner and become defensive. It’s not their fault you’re mad. They have other things to be mad about. How can you be mad at Problem A when Problem B also exists?

What we need is frustration. Steeped long enough, frustration turns into planning turns into results. The trick is a good plan that yields positive resolutions for the greatest number of problems.

I want to talk about creating a better plan, telling better stories, and using content to create a greater good. Join the conversation?

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