How Much? Enough.

How Much? Enough.

I remember a very particular quiz during my high school chemistry education (which I nearly failed) about solubility. The entire quiz had me stuck in the mindset that my answer - with work shown - should be a string of numbers and equations. How much water is needed to dissolve 10 grams of sugar completely?

The answer? Enough.

The teacher said: "Just enough water to dissolve all of the sugar. Try not to overthink it."

I field a lot of questions about freelancing. I usually don't mind it. I might put together a FAQ and publish it for those who are looking to get started.

Most of the questions are on the business side: because it seems like everyone I talk to is an absolute master on the other side of things.

How much should I charge for XYZ? Enough

How many clients should I be cold-calling for my business to start making money? Enough

How many hours should I….? Enough.

Just, enough.

If you are still short on your bills each month, charge more.

If you feel like there isn't enough work to make your days feel productive, grab another client.

Not hearing back from people? Send out another few emails.

How much is enough?


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