Freelance Creative Director

Freelance Creative Director

I've been kicking the idea around for a year. It is no where close to done, but I want to make it public.

Put it into the light, let it grow. Let it exist where strangers can water it, or put their cigarette buts out in the pot.

Freelance Creative Director

At the end of last week I had a few conversations with some people I trusted, and over the long weekend I set down with some notes to fully map out "how i'm going to do this thing."

Simply: I’m changing my title. When you work for yourself as a freelancer, you’re allowed to do that without having to clear anything with Human Resources.

I'm not changing my job or what I do with most of my day. I wont be writing less. Of all things, I will be writing a lot more.

Ultimately, I want to better reflect what I've been doing for clients as a way to help bring more value to the table.

I started writing copy and content for clients because they all had an idea in their head they couldn’t quite execute into words on the page. How could they sell their business if they couldn’t write it out? Also - will this be SEO optimized?

Over the past year I grew to realize the same clients who hired me to get their ideas from brain to page were also stuck on the next step - from page to audience. Everyone out there, to some degree, is stuck between zero and one.

For about two years I’ve been quietly working under the thesis of “Content For The Greater Good.” The general idea: I need to produce stuff that works on levels well and beyond the direct, intended result. If I write copy that just serves the client, I have failed. If it serves the client and their direct audience, I’ve failed a little less. The grand idea: the content works so well everyone becomes interested in whatever it is you’re doing even if they aren’t buying from you that day.


There are loads of examples I’ve been collecting from the ether of people and companies who are doing this exact thing. I’ll be looking catalog them here on the blog.

Point being: since I subconsciously put the idea of Content For The Greater Good out there, a different quality of client has found their way to me. They are a quality of client who is looking to do more with their brand than just sell stuff. These are the kind of people who are looking to create watershed moments and be remembered for something greater than their %25 off sale.

It is invigorating to talk with these people. I can’t wait to work with more of them.

It is invigorating to work my way out of the pigeon hole of being a writer. My history speaks to so much more.

From the years in digital advertising, I’ve learned

  • what makes for the best advertising content

  • how to target audiences for the highest impact

  • the best places for budgets for the greatest impact

Working with an outdoor retailer, I know:

  • the qualities audiences look for in particular brands

  • how to create content that not only highlights products, but delivers upon purpose

  • how to deliver the magic of the outdoor space without leaving it open to destroying it.

From Sales Operations, I figured out:

  • Who was buying, for what reasons, and what it would take to get them to buy again.

  • How many people visited, from where, how long they stayed and when they’ll be back

  • How to do a lot more with a lot less.

As an editorial manager

  • Creating for the here and now while maintaining an eye for sustainable content

  • engaging with readership outside of the blog environment

  • working with creative minds - writers, photographers, podcasters, videographers - to develop a cohesive, story-driven campaign

As a backpacking guide, I learned

  • How to teach something so it is not just known, but learned

  • The importance of making something last

  • The magic of getting a little lost, and the simple ways to find yourself again.

As a Freelance Creative Director, I’m looking to take a more holistic approach to how copy and content is produced and distributed.

Not just words on the page, but words in front of the right audience at the right time. Supported by email campaigns and advertising pixels. Not just engaging with the audience you have, but the audience you were meant to reach. I want to challenge people to look a little further down the path of what they are producing - beyond the deadline or the quarterly goal - and see how far their message can really reach.

I’ve been doing this as a Copywriter for years. Now I want to grow the ideas and methods and help others go further.

So, what do you say? Shall we see where this rabbit hole goes?

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