For years I was always one step away from broke.

I had a job. The paycheck was regular enough. Still, broke.

Curb all the spending, trim everything back, make everything go as far as possible - still find yourself hovering above the red.

I once had a credit card declined at the grocery store. It was during the post-work, pre-dinner rush hour where there are always a dozen people in line after you and you're wasting ALL of their time. Declined - as it should have been. I hit limits; I missed payments.

The second card worked. I grabbed my bags and left before they had a chance to find a mistake.

Looking back, I can see that the only way out of being broke and being in a place where debt isn't an issue is to take bigger risks. Brass it up. Swing for that fence!

All things you can't really do when you're fucking broke.

This is the poverty mentality - something I still struggle with today.

When the focus is on the few resources you have, rather than the potential you could have, your brain gives you fewer options. If you risk what little you have, you could wind up with nothing! OR, you could wind up with even more?

I was spending fifty hours a week at an office job making just-above minimum wage. Could I risk ten of those hours to try something else that could improve my standing?

Not when you're stuck in the poverty mindset - that means you have 20% less coming in. When you're down to your last $30, you count every penny when you could be thinking of where your next $300 could be coming from.

When you have 100 followers or subscribers, you count every last one of them. If you want to make it to a million, you have to stop counting. If you focus on pleasing the 100 you know of, you'll never get to meet the thousand who would be thrilled to meet you.

The grocery store was over a decade ago. I'm in a place where I can swing harder and do the risky thing.

Could you do the same? Risk upsetting all you know for the chance to impress those who don't know you yet?

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