Content development

Creative Strategy


Email Campaign Strategy

Hit them strong with story, then they’ll buy anything you want. Hundreds of emails conceptualized, designed, written, and targeted resulting in lord-knows how many sales

Product Copy & Content

No point in selling something if your audience can’t find it. And if they do find it - what then? From Shopify refreshments to building out Amazon EBC pages, know-how brings the sales now.

Website Content Development

Story is at the heart of everything I do. My story, your story, how do we merge with your audience’s story? Over the years I have written hundreds of blogs and revamped dozens of websites to tell stories that matter.

Case Studies


Case Study

Gaining Content Control

Taking a look at the unique experience Outdoorsy found itself in when it worked to create content about everything, and how I walked them back to a path where they gained control of what they were publishing.