The River Next Door

I’m a fan of use cases.

Here is how Joe or Sue used this product to make their job easier.

Going the next step: here is how we made our jobs easier, and here is how our jobs are trying to help the rest of the world.

Su Salmon Company might not bring you the cheapest salmon, or the most of it. I’m not sure there are many fishermen nowadays who want to boast about how much fish they’ve removed from the waters. Su Salmon, who fishes from the Susitna River, was amazed that so few of the locals who lived in nearby Anchorage, AK, had never heard of the river before.

It’s a little strange not knowing about the river next door. Considering everything a river can do for a community, it’s in your best interest to find out what’s going on over there.

They proclaim they aren’t the best fishermen, but that doesn’t seem to be their goal. Patagonia puts together a film to highlight not only how the Patagonia Workwear allows them to do their job, but how their job allows them to raise awareness and protect the Susitna River.

"Giving someone a whole fish, with it's head attached, gives people the idea that this came from somewhere."

Fish are some of the stranger things to eat, because it is so difficult for most of us to put it in our heads where it came from. We can see a cow on a farm, a chicken in a cage, but fish? That requires going underwater, where is no air, no reason for humans to live, and understand an entirely different ecosystem.

Maybe it’s a good thing to leave the head attached.