The Gentle Loop

I had a thought experiment with a client recently.

They had grand aspirations for their content plan. They wanted to expand everything outward - to have a 24/7, on top of everything all the time, GaryV style of production so they would always bet at the top of everyone’s mind, all the time.

I wondered what it would be like to go in the other direction - how far could they take a single piece of content? One article. One video. One picture. Whatever. How long could they go with it, how far could they expand the reach, how many interested clients could they yield from it.

The Bible doesn’t get a lot of updates but it still manages to influence decisions.

I think a lot of people get relevancy mixed up with reaction. They want to stay on top of people’s mind, so that means having to create something new.

Ever have one of those conversations that you think about a lot? “I was just thinking about something so and so said.”

There is no formula for how to make viral content. Most industries are still thrilled about a 2% click through rate.

The best content works anytime, anywhere, and people can get on and off the train when they want. You can either build a trans-continental railroad, or you can have a gentle loop around the city - it all depends on where you want your audience to go with you.