Popular In Glastonbury

“Isn’t she just so great?”

This is a girl in her mid-20s shouting at me over an act on the stage.

I am at the age where I’ve never heard of 70% of the supporting acts at music festivals. The mid-afternoon acts, the early-evening stuff. I buy tickets based on headliners, but I find the better acts on the smaller stages scattered far from the action.

Was this woman so great? Not really.

Not for me.

I say this to the girl and she is offended.

After all, how could I - a 35 year old man - not like or relate to the pitchy tunes of a 22-year-old singer?

“She played Glastonbury a few weeks ago” the girl said.

It’s true. The singer said so herself - as though she had to validate her presence on the stage in front of me.

Maybe “played Glastonbury” is this generation’s “really big in Japan.”

Glastonbury is a fact, a bit of information, not a qualifier.

I’ve never found pedigrees or resumes impressive or worth looking at. I’m more interested in what you can do for me in the here and now.