Is It Always Golden Hour?

I mean, I get it.

Look up any feed of an outdoor photographer or your favorite model or gear brand, you’ll find the golden hour shots. At dawn and dusk, the moment where the light makes everything feel dramatic and photography becomes resoundingly easy.

Golden hour makes everything look good and inspires people to drop what they are doing and take in the vista well beyond their front door. Most branded outdoor gear pictures you see are taken at golden hour to capitalize on this mystique.

Rain jackets are meant for storms. Helmets to protect against rocks. Jetboil stoves to warm you when things get damp. You’ll be lucky to find yourself in a golden hour, but it shouldn’t be the reason you go outside.

Outside are the elements - facing them and surviving them is part of the fun.

You don’t see the people trying to sleep in wet sleeping bags, or realizing the dehydrated meals don’t come with hot sauce to save them.

What you see is the Golden Hour, the best it can possibly be - the reward you get by sleeping through a chilled night or barely hydrating your way through a scorcher of a day.