Into The Why

Simon Sinek has a famous little talk where he goes into the why of it.

There seems to be a groundswell lately. It’s not the what or the how of the thing being made, but the why.

Does the why behind your production speak to the why of the consumer’s reason for buying?

I come across this post from photographer Chris Burkard yesterday:

”Environmental Advocacy Document”

That’s a heavy initiative for small team of content creators, much less a company-wide initiative. Burkard travels the world and tells stories through his photography because he cares about the places he goes and gives them a voice they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Other’s follow in his footsteps and travel the world to bag shots for the likes and follows and to sell stock images and collect clients that will pay them to travel the world and bag shots.

There is a movement going around to keep people from geotagging photos taken in certain areas to protect them from a stampede of photographers. A question of why: are you shooting that photo because there is something you want to say about the outdoors? Or are you shooting to say you’ve been there, and you can take a stunning photo of the place?

What are you advocating for? Does your why resonate with your audience’s why not?

I’m asking you. Hell, I’m asking myself.