Hidden Positivity

If you ever meet me, you’ll likely be thrown off by how cantankerous I can seem. I keep a rather sardonic tone about pretty much everything.

But I wouldn’t say I’m negative.

Pessimistic, sure, but not negative.

Living with a healthy filter of pessimism means I’m usually surprised at how well things turn out while not being completely debilitated if something goes south.

When you work for yourself, usually by yourself, there is no one around to cheer you on.

Working as a creative freelancer I’ve had to take a more positive approach to my work, especially in the prospecting and sales cycles.

“Of course we’re going to work together, why wouldn’t we?” I am capable of doing great work that will elevate my clients and connect them with the audiences they are after.

And if they don’t work with me, I know it’s because they’ve optioned to go with someone who will deliver what they need to be successful.

I’ve had to stop looking at other talent in the field as “they are better/worse than me!” and instead look at everyone through the lens of “what can I learn from this person?”

There is no one around to cheer you on, but there are plenty of people with expectations you need to meet.

Be your own cheerleader. Stop comparing yourself to others.

It may not be a silver bullet, but I certainly don’t think you can be a creative professional without them.