Change The Channel

Two-hour debates are exhausting - and I say that as a spectator. I can only imagine what it does to the people on stage. No matter what is said by who or what points are scored for your team, watching two hours of anything can leave you feeling a little piqued and a little disillusioned about the world.

No one says you HAVE to watch a debate. No one says you have to watch anything as though it is some sort once-in-a-lifetime event. Wait 20 minutes and someone, somewhere, will have a full recap written about whatever happened. Spend ten minutes reading, no commercials, and you’re about up to speed. Maybe you feel a little better about the world.

You can always change the channel.

My parents would say, “you can turn it off and go outside.” I think they just wanted me out of the house. I had a roommate in college who would snap her laptop shut and say, “I guess I’m bored with the internet.” this was before the era of the infinite-scroll and endless content.

No one says you HAVE to keep up with the news.

Although you should support local and national journalism.

When you sign up for a new Twitter account, the platform goes out of its way to convince you to follow Obama and the Kardashians. No one says you HAVE to follow them. Every account wants to connect you with the people you know and love in your day to day life - but you don’t HAVE to.

You can always change the channel.

You are who you spend most of your time around, and it’s not far of a stretch to assume the content you consume changes the way you think and how you feel about the world. It’s good to change up your subscriptions every so often, bust up the algorithm, see what else the world has to offer you.