Best Practices

I subscribe to a lot of emails from people who are trying to figure things out.

Every one of them has a different tone, style, look. I know what to expect from the people who send them to me - but each one is a bit of a surprise regardless.

I clipped this from one that came by my inbox yesterday:

"A few weeks ago, I was interviewing a CEO who had decided they were done hiring consultants to help with marketing and growth. They kept ending up with strategies and plans that were aligned with “best practices” but that weren't aligned with who they were as a company. As a result, even when they put a ton of energy into execution, those tactics never made an impact that was any better than anything else they’d tried."

In any of the writer’s groups I sneak into on Facebook, most people have the same questions. How do I get started? What’s the best way to do X? How do I overcome Y?

All the variables stem from the same root: they’re anxious to get started. Some of them have no business doing what they’re doing. The rest are trying to apply their rich talent to a field that will flat out not appreciate it. There is still someone who will link them to a guide or course (never buy the course!) that will “show them the way.”

There is no way. There is, maybe, the idea that your offering doesn’t work with any playbook out there.

Do you know your audience? Can you imagine how many emails they already get? Is yours just another to the “ignore” pile?

Some consultants like to pull out a worksheet and have you create an “ideal client avatar.” I’m not convinced these are an accurate or worthwhile use of time.

That whole idea of “just be yourself?” It works with whatever you happen to be selling. Just let that be itself and the right people will find their way to you.