A Series Of Questions

A Series Of Questions

“I’m having trouble getting clients.”

A variation of this statement or idea lands in my messages a few times a week, every week.

People who want to go at the world in a freelance capacity - but they aren’t sure how to approach the people they need to pay them.

Where do I find clients?

How can I get my Upwork profile approved?

How can I get better projects on Upwork?

How can I earn more?

Every time, I think that I should sit down and create some giant PDF of how-tos that I could send them or sell for a couple of bucks.

Every time, I’m only answering their question with a question: Are you sure you’re good enough for this?

It’s not a nice answer. I’m a fan of the tougher side of love. I would certainly hate to be asked that question - I have written it to myself across the tops of dozens of pages.

When you ask a platform to represent you (which is what services like Upwork do) - how much of a boon would you be to their inventory of creative talent? If they were to connect you with a paying client - how satisfied would that client be?

If you’re sending proposals out to companies - why would they work with you over any of the hundreds of people who do the thing you do?

Knowing how to do something is only half the freelance equation. Those who struggle usually falter somewhere in the sales department. In that case, it’s a matter of asking, “Why would they want to work with me?”

Good Metric, Bad Choice

Good Metric, Bad Choice

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