HI! I’m David

I am a Freelance Creative Director living in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I've got a wife and two dogs, a house with a massive porch and a little creek - they're all pretty great.

We recently relocated to WNC after spending most of our lives in the Denver-metro area. After a decade of living in the center of Denver, as the population exploded and the skyline grew more jagged, we decided to opt for a slower way of life. So, North Carolina it was.

You move a little slower when the air is thicker. I've spent a record-breaking amount of time on the porch, watching the evening grow around us, listening to baseball games, and reading long-neglected books. It's nice. If you're ever around, let me know. Would love to have you by to sit a spell.

Freelance Creative Director?

Oh, yes. That.

For over a decade, I worked with dozens of clients as a writer and editor. I designed copy for products and businesses; I created story-driven content campaigns.

I loved the work I did and, for the most part, who I was doing it for. As the freelance and gig-economy grew, I started to see more gaps and holes in the production and execution of campaigns. More work, more interest, fewer results. Companies were diverting more of their talent needs to freelancers, and the through-line of the campaign was lost in the process.

You know, hire a writer from here, a photographer from over there, then you find a guy that can manage your Facebook ad campaigns. In the end, the campaigns launched, but the right people were never hit at the right time.

I've taken all of my experience - developing copy, creating content, too many years in the adTech industry, and a bit of photography - and blended it into the title I'm most proud of (so far) - Freelance Creative Director.

Have you given up on writing?

No. Never. Writing more than ever! I am on the warpath to update my blog daily and still produce fiction when I can. In the meantime, I'm always looking for the next great project to work on.

I’m sure you’ve got a great idea, I’d love to work with you on it. Drop me a line?

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