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An Unprecedented Mixed Bag

I’ve been writing for decades. Collecting and telling stories, refining a craft, helping others find the words to tell the world who they are. Then, in a dash of odd forune, I spent years working in the fields of marketing, advertising technology, and sales operations.

The Yin to the Yang, if you will.

The result? I pride myself on sparking the creative potential where it may not have existed prior, and help distribute the big idea to the audience who needs it most.

Brands and companies hire me to take a fresh look at what they are bringing to market and who they hope to show it to. More than content - I develop campaigns. Copy that drives your audience to do more, visuals to keep their attention, and the right impression at the right time to keep them flowing down your sales funnel.

Individuals work with me to improve the story they are already telling. I coach authors through to their finished product, I help creatives find their voice and their audience.

I’d like to think I can make something for just about everyone, I’d love to see what I can make for you.